See What was Trending on Google in 2019 Before it end.

Trending 2019

One more the beautiful year is going to pass just in few days. The people who are going to read this post, I know that we all have use Google almost every day to search about anything what we need like, for news, movies, games, sports, educations and a lot more other topics.

We all belong to different locations, different age groups, different profession and all have different purposes for searching Google. And just like every year, in 2019 many things go viral and register in the trending list of Google searches. But the searches which register on the trending list of Google in my country are going to differ from your country.

How To Check All Trending Topic of Google in 2019.

As the year 2019 is almost there to end, Google has given an option to see all the trending to and trending Google search of the year 2019. You can see the trending topics of Google search of your country or any other country you want. You can follow the link given below to visit the site. 
>What was Trending in 2019

Google Trending 2019
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When you visit the Google site, you will find an option to choose the country for which you want the result. Base on your chosen country, Google show you the most trending the topic of different categories like in my case Google show me result base on How to…, Near me, Overall, Personalities, Movies, Songs, Sports Events, What is…, News and many more are there. 
Google search 2019
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In every categories Google will show you the top five trending result and you can see five more results in every category by clicking on the + icon below. A share option is given by Google near every trending category to share the top ten results on different social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. 

You can also get a code or you can copy the top 10 trending searches of every category for any other purpose you want. 

So, go now and explore the top trending Google search of the year 2019 and see what you missed which was trending on Google in the year 2019. Wish you all a “Happy New Year 2020” Thank You.

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