5 Best Ways To Improve Router Signal Strength.

Boost WiFi Signal

The best position for your Wi-Fi router is the center of your first floor, away from any walls, allowing the signal to spread out in all directions. Unfortunately, this is also the most impractical place for it. Your router usually needs to be near to your broadband entry point, which is almost downstairs, alongside an external wall and perhaps even behind your TV.

If you are forced to work within these limitations then you can try some of the methods which I am going to explain in this post. There are many such methods so read this complete post and check which is good for your Wi-Fi router.

#1. Make sure that your Wi-Fi router is elevated from the floor as this will improve its signal reach. If possible, place it on top of a bookcase. If you can’t move it away from the wall without trailing wires, try sticking a couple of sheets of aluminum foil to the wall behind it. This will help to reflect the signal back into the house.

#2. The next thing you can try, use powerline networking kit like the TP-Link 2-Port Powerline Adapter (View on Amazon) Wi-Fi Starter kit which carries a wired network signal across your home’s electrical wiring and covert it to a wireless access point at the far end.

TP-Link 2-Port Powerline Adapter

To set up and use Powerline networking kit (Powerline WiFi Extender), connect one of the two units to your Wi-Fi router using an Ethernet cable and plug it into a socket elsewhere in your home and the signal will automatically pass between them, with the second device broadcasting wirelessly.

Note: Powerline networking is limited to your home’s wiring circuit, so it won’t stray into neighbor's homes. This would be a problem if you wanted to extend your network to an end-of-garden office that runs on a separate circuit and fuse box.

#3. Another thing which you can try is Wi-Fi Range Extender (Netgear EX2700 view on Amazon) boosts an existing wireless signal so that it travels further. You just have to plug it in towards the edge of your existing area of Wi-Fi coverage and it will create a second network, using the original network name to which it is connected. By default, it will have the same password as the original network.

Netgear increase wifi signal range

To connect to either a powerline-extended wireless network or a boosted Wi-Fi signal, simply select the new network name on your PC, tablet or smartphone, then enter the required password.

#4. You can also improve your Wi-Fi router strength by using a new antenna. If you want to set new router antennae then first you have to remove your existing router antennae.
To do so, take a closer look at the router antenna. If they appear to screw in, gently twist them anti-clockwise to unscrew them. Removable antennae let you upgrade to a more versatile antenna that spread your wireless signal and improves coverage, such as TP-Link’s TL-ANT2409A (View on Amazon). This comes with a long cable, allowing you to position it for better results such as high up on a wall.

Change Wifi Antenna and set new one.

#5. You can also, improve your Wi-Fi signal strength by choosing the best wireless channel for your router. You can read our post on how to change the wifi channel but before doing understand how choosing the best wifi channel can help to improve your wireless signal.

Each network broadcasts on specific channels, and if you and your neighbors are on the same channel, your devices, and the router will have more difficulty figuring out which data is which and experience a lot of interference with the networks. This could slow your speeds, so it is better to choose a channel with fewer people on it.

You can try other different methods to improve wireless signal strength like, changing the DNS server or check for firmware updates.

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