How To Protect Against Security threats in Google Chrome.

Protect Against Security threats in Chrome

The latest version of Chrome, 79 is now available, and it introduces a host of new features, including enhanced security and better protection against phishing scams.

The three main features of Google chrome 79 updates are:

The update extends predictive phishing protection to all Chrome users, not just those who have Sync switched on. What’s more, the new browser receives the latest information on threats in real-time rather than every 30-minutes, because “some phishing sites slip through the 30-minute window”.

To enable this option, visit chrome://settings/syncSetup and switch on ‘Make searches and browsing better’.

Make searches and browsing better in Chrome

Chrome 79 also features a built-in password checker that alerts you if one of your username or passwords has been involved in a data breach.

You may also want to turn on three new experimental Clipboard flags (search chrome://flags for ‘Clipboard’).

These add a ‘Send to’ option to Chrome’s context menu, making it easier to share content between devices.

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