How To Stop Notifications Interrupting Your Music in Windows.

Notification Interrupting your music in windows.

When you’re enjoying your favorite music on your headphones, the last thing you want is Windows audio notifications ruining the experience, such as when a new email arrives.

There are two ways to avoid this. One involves lowering the volume of Windows notifications; the other is to divert the audio to your computer’s speakers, not your headphones.

To do either, first, start playing your music on your computer, then click Start, type sound settings, and select the Sound Settings options in the results. You can do the same by Settings > System > Sound.

Stop Windows Interrupting Your Music

Inside Sound settings, scroll down to ‘Advanced sound options’, click on ‘App volume device preferences’.

Windows Sound Interrupting your music

Find the app you’re using to play your music in the list, then select your headphones in the Output box.

Next, locate the Sound app in the list (this controls Windows notifications) and choose whether to output them to your headphones or your computer’s speakers.

Windows 10 Sound Settings

The latter will usually be listed as ‘Speaker/Headphones’ or similar. You can then adjust the volume of the notification using the slider. You can also re-gain all your default settings by clicking of Reset button in the lower-left corner. 

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