How To Stop Windows Reconnecting to Unsafe Network.

Windows likes to keep you online at all times. To do this, it will automatically reconnect your laptop to wireless networks you’ve previously used whenever they come into range, including wireless hotspots that you may no longer trust. It’s, therefore, worth reviewing your list of known networks from time to time.

To do this in windows 10, you can select a network from the Wi-Fi popup menu and uncheck the “Connect automatically” box before clicking the “Connect” button.

If you are out of any Wi-Fi range then you cannot uncheck “Connect automatically” box but still, you can edit the saved Wi-Fi network through setting.

To do this in Windows 8.1 or 10, click Start, Settings (cog icon), then ‘Network & Internet’.

Next, select Wi-Fi from the list on the left, then the ‘Manage known networks’ link on the right.

You’ll now see all networks that Windows will connect to when they’re in range. If you want to log back on to this network in the future, you’ll be asked to provide the network’s security key.

Choose the network you want to edit from the list and click “Properties”. You can also use the search box above finds a particular network you want to edit.

Turn off “Connect automatically when in range”. After turning off this option, Windows can’t be able to connect the network automatically, but you can still connect to the network manually without re-entering the password.   

To do this setting on Windows 7, open Control Panel, go to ‘Network and Internet’, then ‘Network and Sharing Center’. On the left, select the ‘Manage wireless network’, then highlight the relevant network and click the ‘Remove’ button.

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