Learn and Make Machine Learning Projects Without Using a single Code.

Make Machine Learning Project Without Using Code.

You don’t need to be a programming genius to get to grips with the basic of machine learning. Indeed, a couple of years ago, Google launched its Teachable Machine, which allowed anyone to use a webcam or files on their hard drive to teach the computer how to recognize patterns in data.

Now, Google has unveiled Teachable Machine 2.0, which again doesn’t require any coding and lets you interact via your microphone. Choose between and Image, Audio and Pose project and, by selecting photos, sounds, or people moving around, the computer can be trained to pick up on the differences telling the difference between a human and a dog. Trained models can then be exported to websites, devices, and apps.


Along with easy-to-follow video tutorials, there are links to three example projects that teach the computer to determine if a banana is ripe, detect simple sounds and recognize which way your head is tilting. Real-life projects are also explored and, for anyone worried about privacy, Google promises that any media you upload or capture remains on your device unless you save a project to Google Drive.

Create a Machine Learning project without Using Code.
To create your own first machine learning project with writing a single line of coding, you have to follow three simple steps.

Step 1: Gather: You have to gather and group your example into classes, or categories, that you want the computer to learn.

Step 2: Train: In this step, you have to train your model, then instantly test it out to see whether it can correctly classify new examples.

To train you model, you can use images, sound or poses which you can capture live using your webcam or microphone.

Step 3: Export: You can export your model for your projects, site, apps and more. You can also download your model or host it online for free.

There are many different project info available on the website which you can read and get an idea of where you can use machine learning in your own life or to makes other lives better.  

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