How To Set Mobile Reminder via Google from PC.

You don’t need to access the phone to set a reminder on the phone. You can ask Google to set a reminder on your phone directly from your PC. Open your phone directly from your PC.

In this feature, we show you how to set a mobile reminder from your PC. To do so-

Open your default web browser, make sure you’re signed in to the same Google account you use on your phone and type “Remind me” into the search box on the Google homepage.

Set Mobile Reminder from PC.

A box will appear at the top of the results, which you can use to send a reminder to your phone or Google Assistant.

You get two different mode to set a reminder, one is when which allow you to set a specific time of a day and another one is where- you can set a place or location.

Set Reminder by PC.

Set the reminder Date and Time and click on "Remind me on Google Now". You are done. Your reminder is set for whatever Date and Time you have chosen.

You can view every reminder you’ve set in Google by typing “Show me my reminders” into the search engine. This lists both future and past prompts. 

Check your Google Reminder from browser

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