31 Useful Google Assistant and Google Home Voice Commands You Should Know.

Google assistant voice command

We all know about Google Assistant, a virtual personal assistant by Google. Now, Google Assistant is available for all Android phones and Google Home and even iPhone users can get the advantage of Google Assistant by installing it on the device.

Google is always adding new amazing voice commands to Google Assistant to provide a better user experience and make your tasks much easy. It can help you in reading your messages, makes calls, book tickets, help in communicating in other several languages and more other activities.

Here I am listing 31 useful Google Assistant voice command which you can try on your Android device or on your Google Home.  

#1. Play Mickey’s, Game Show. 

To celebrate 90 years of Mickey Mouse say: “Hey Google, play Mickey’s Game Show” and answer a host of trivia questions about the cartoon rodent and his chums.

#2. Receive polite responses.

In an attempt to make us more pleasant to our digital devices, Google Assistant is now specifically listening for “please” and “thank you”, rewarding you with politeness in return.

#3. Get flight prices.

Tell Google Assistant to “show me flight to [destination]” and it displays a list of airlines and costs, then ask you for dates and offers to email you price changes.

#4. Perform actions hands-free.

Google Assistant is now integrated with Google Maps for Android and iOS, so you can use your voice to navigate, respond to texts and control your music.

#5. Auto-add punctuation.

Dictate messages to Google Assistant and it will now detect the context and the tone of your voice, automatically adding commas, full stops, and question marks.

#6. Keep track of your health.

Add the health-tracking app Lifesum to Google and say “talk to Lifesum”, then add meals (“add a large dinner”) and track your weight (“I weigh 80kg).

#7. Hone your trivia knowledge.

HQ Trivia now lets you practice between live games using Google Assistant. Say, “OK Google, get me ready for HQ” and you’ll be asked 12 questions by HQ University.

#8. Translate in real-time.

Ask Assistant to be your interpreter (“be my [language] interpreter”) – naming one of 26 languages – and it now translates real conversations in real-time.

#9. Enjoy a continued conversation.

Activate Continued Conversation in the Google Home or Google Assistant app and don’t have to say “Hey Google” every time you want to ask a question – it will pick up on follow-up queries.

#10. Play a Harry Potter game.

Say “Talk to Wizarding World” and Google Assistant will ask you three Harry Potter-related questions in a new Warner Bros quiz.

#11. Keep up with football.

Google Assistant’s new Sports Facts skill keeps you up to date with the latest football info. Simply say, for example, “what are the Premier League standings”.

#12. Listen to a kids’ story.

Google Assistant can now read stories to you. Say, “Hey Google, tell me a story” and listen to tales such as Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding Hood.

#13. Discover data about you.

Google Assistant’s new setting helps you understand the data it uses. Launch the Assistant or Home app, go to settings and tap Your Data In The Assistant to see commands you’ve issued and turn functions on and off.

#14. Get help with your boiler.

If your hot water or heating is in trouble, say “OK Google, talk to Boiler Support” and this British Gas-powered service will ask you questions and put you in touch with an engineer if you need one.

#15. Pick a random number.

Say “Hey Google, give me a random number”, and after a jazzy sound effect, the Assistant will do just that. Good for picking a horse or lottery numbers, perhaps? 

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#16. Get the latest flight info.

Use the travel-planning app Triplt with Google Assistant to get the latest on your flights. Connect the Triplt action via Google Assistant and say: “OK Google, talk to Triplt”.

#17. Listen to your messages.

Google Assistant can now read messages from third-party apps such as WhatsApp. With app notification access switched on, say “Hey Google, read my messages”.

#18. Send Reminder to other phones.

Add people to your Families group (families.google.com)and you can ask Google Assistant to send reminders to their phones, either at particular times or when the person reaches a certain place.

#19. Keep Assistant quiet.

Google now lets you turn off speech output, so responses appear on an Android phone but aren’t spoken aloud. Say “OK Google” and tab the Explorer icon, then your profile picture and select Settings, Assistant before tapping Speech Output under ‘Voice and Speech’ and choosing Hands-Free Only.

#20. Find Tile-tagged items.

If you’ve fitted Tile tracking tags to your bag, wallet, keys or other easily losable items, you can now use your Google Home speaker to discover where they are.

#21. Move your music around.

If you have more than one Google smart speaker and have assigned a room to each device, you can choose where your music plays. Say “Hey Google, move the music to [room]”.

#22. Read a bedtime story.

Parents can record a tale and a message at mystorytime.com which their kids can then playback via Google Assistant by saying, “Hey Google, talk to My Storytime”.

#23. Delete your last request.

If you accidentally trigger Google Assistant into action, you can cancel your most recent voice command by saying, “Hey Google, that wasn’t for you”.

#24. Get regular updates.

Google Assistant can offer regular updates on the weather, a fun fact or anything else. To set it up, simply say “Send Daily” when the Assistant tells you something.

#25. Book a ride.

Say, “Hey Google, book a ride to “followed by your destination, and Assistant will provide current waiting times for taxi firms such as Uber, together with prices.

#26. Make Duo video calls.

Ask Google Assistant to connect you on Android’s Duo call [name of person]”. Confirm the call and duo will appear on the screen.

#27. Watch All 4 TV shows.

With All 4’s new skill, you can stream your favorite Channel 4 shows via your Chromecast and a Google Home or Home Mini. Say, “OK Google, play [show name]”.

#28. Have a continued conversation.

Turn on Continued Conversation in Google Assistant’s settings and you can keep chatting without asking another question until you say “thank you” or “stop”, or cease talking for a while. 

#29. Pick a new voice.

Google has launched six Google Assistant voices. Go to Settings, Preferences, Assistant Voice (in Home, find it under More Settings), then preview each one.

#30. Hear a classic story.

Say, “Hey Google, tell me a story” to listen to classic tales such as Little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty. For a fun, Disney story say: “Hey Google, talk to Mickey Mouse Story Time”.

#31. Send and create cards.

Say, “Hey Google talk to Greetings Cards” to select a greeting and add a personal image to a card to send to a friend. If you use Google Home, the card will also be sent on your phone.

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We are going to add more such voice in this list in the future and if you also know any such useful command then you can share it in the comment section below, we will love to add them too. If you don't want, you can stop Google and Alexa from recording your voice

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