60 Useful Alexa Voice Commands for Amazon Echo Speakers You Must Try.

Alexa Voice Commands

Alexa is the voice assistant that powers Amazon Echo speakers. Named after the ancient library of Alexandria, the retail giant’s fount of instant knowledge is also Fire TV products, and a number of third-party speakers, smart TVs, and computers, with an app available for iOS and Android and Windows 10. 

Here is the list of 60 best Alexa Voice Command that you can try.

10 Best Alexa Audio Tricks.

“Alexa, restart” (restart the current song).

“Alexa, stop playing in X minutes” (sets a timer).

“Alexa, what’s playing?” (provides handy song information).

“Alexa, play [playlist] on Spotify” (starts a playlist on Spotify).

“Alexa add this song” (adds a playing song to your Prime Music library).

“Alexa, play [title] on Audible” (if you have an Audible account).

“Alexa, stop in the kitchen” (stop music playing in a particular room).

“Alexa, I like/hate this song” (tell Alexa what you think about songs playing on custom stations).

“Alexa, volume up/down” (too quiet or too loud? Alexa can help).

“Alexa, play something I haven’t heard in a while” (plays songs that you haven’t listened to for ages-possibly with good reason!).

Amazon Echo Smart Speaker.

25 Best Alexa Voice Command You must Try.

#1. Play a board game.

Alexa can now play along with the board game Ticket to Ride. You need to have the physical product, then say: “Alexa, launch Ticket to Ride” and it’ll join in, play sound effects and even keep score.

#2. Order some flowers.

To send a beautiful bouquet, say “Alexa, open Interflora” and place an order. You’ll be guided through your purchase and check out with Amazon Pay. You can also “Ask Interflora for flower advice”.

#3. Get free Audible tales.

Audible now lets you listen to short stories read via Alexa by big-name narrators including David Jason, Andrew Scott and Juliet Stevenson. Say “Alexa, open Audible Stories” and select a genre.

#4. Get Metro news stories.

Rather than bombard you with headlines, the free newspaper Metro offers a single news snippet each day to inspire conversation. Just say, “Hey Alexa, what do I need to know today?”

#5. Interact with BBC News.

A new interactive news service launched by the BBC lets you listen to the latest headlines (“Alexa, give me BBC News”). You can then “skip” or get background info by saying “more from the BBC”.

#6. Get quick inspiration.

Suffering from creative block? Say “Alexa, open Adobe Inspiration Engine” to enjoy inspiring quotes and creative exercises. You can also discover what kind of creative type you are by taking a probing quiz.

#7. Track Royal Mail parcels.

Enable Royal Mail’s Alexa skill, then link your account, and you can track your parcels. Say, “Ask Royal Mail to track my item” and Alexa will ask you for a reference number or a previously created alias.

#8. Ask Alexa to speak at a different speed.

Alexa can speak at different rates – two slower and four faster than its default. Say “Alexa, speak slower/faster”. To reset, say “Alexa, speak at your default rate”.

#9. Find a new book.

Audible’s new Alexa skill gives recommendations for your next book or audiobook. Say “ask Book Finder for inspiration” to hear from editors, authors, and celebrities, or ask for bestsellers, new releases, and books similar to those you like. Audio samples are also available.

#10. Check racing results.

The Racing Post now shares betting tips and race results via Alexa-say “Ask Racing Post for a tip for the next race” or ‘Ask Racing Post for the result of [specific race]’.

#11. Enjoy a history podcast.

Historian Dan Snow’s popular podcast attracts a million listens every month. Say “open history hit” and you can choose to listen to the latest episode or pick a past one.

#12. Discover popular songs.

If you subscribe to Amazon Music, you can ask for the most popular songs in a certain city. Say, “Alexa, play the top songs in “[city name]” to hear what’s hot.

#13. Listen to classic arcade sounds.

Say, “Alexa, open Arcade Party,” and treat your ears to the sounds of coin-operated gaming machines from 1981, 1983, 1986 and 1992.

#14. Guard your home.

If you don’t have a dog to scare off intruders, say, “Alexa, open Burglar Deterrent”. A guard dog is one of nine available noises, including a crying baby, that makes it seem like your home is occupied.

#15. Use Alexa hands-free in Windows 10.

The latest version of Windows 10’s Alexa app lets you use your voice to activate it. Say “Alexa” to wake the assistant, even if the app is running in the background.

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#16. Reduce your carbon footprint.

Say, ‘Alexa, give me a tip to reduce my carbon footprint” for ways to save energy and, in some cases, a bit of cash too.

#17. Learn about Madagascar.

Through a series of interactive messages from charity WaterAid, you can set off on an audio journey to the Madagascan village of Tsarafangita, learn phrases, hear recipes and play games. Say “open WaterAid Voices” to get started.

#18. Play Apple Music.

Open the main menu in the Alexa app, select Skills & Games and search for the new Apple Music Skills. Tap Enable, use your Apple ID to sign in to your account and you can play your tunes via Alexa.

#19. Ask what the BBC is playing.

If you listen to the BBC on an Alexa-enable device, you can now say “ask what the BBC is playing” and it will tell you. You can play BBC Radio stations by uttering “Alexa” plays BBC [station name]”.

#20. Play Deal or No Deal.

Choose a box and decide if you’d like to accept the banker’s offers in Alexa’s fun rendition of the iconic teatime game show. It even features Noel Edmonds. Just say, “Alexa, open Deal or No Deal”.

#21. Tune into Pocket Casts.

One of the best podcast apps, Pocket Casts, can now be used with Alexa. Ask for recommendations, play your “up next” shows say “surprise me” for a random episode and request the latest episode.

#22. Sing nursery rhymes.

Say, “Alexa, start Kids Karaoke” for a list of 10 nursery rhymes to sing along to. Each upbeat tune comes in two versions: one with vocals, one instrumental.

#23. Hear news from favorite sources.

Say “Enable Noa” and ask Alexa to read the news from a range of top newspapers and magazines including The Independent, The Economist and the Financial Times.

#24. Get rid of the furniture.

Alexa can help you arrange free collection of unwanted furniture to the British Heart Foundation. Say: “Alexa, ask the British Heart Foundation to collect my furniture” and the charity will contact you within 72 hours.

#25. Get delivery information.

Delivery company Hermes has launched a set of Alexa skills that let you find the nearest Hermes ParcelShop set a designated safe place and ask for your parcels to be delivered to a neighbor.

Smart Display With Alexa

Quick Alexa Messaging Commands.

“Alexa, play messages” (she’ll read your latest messages).

“Alexa, send an SMS to [contact name]” (will send an SMS to someone who has signed up for Alexa Messaging).

“Alexa, drop in on the living room” (lets you chat with someone in a particular room, intercom-style-provided there’s an Echo there).

“Alexa, call X on Skype” (call someone via Skype).
Some Funniest Things To Ask Alexa.

“Alexa, sing me a song” (she will!).

“Alexa, rap for me” (Eminem has nothing to fear).

“Alexa, make me laugh” (she’ll tell you a joke).

“Alexa, open the bay doors” (HAL impersonation time).

“Alexa, make me a sandwich” (she actually will).

“Alexa, what is the value of Pi? (it’s a really long number).

“Alexa, find Chuck Norris” (are you sure?)

“Alexa, how much do you weigh?” (you should never ask a female AI this question).

So, these are the list of 60 Amazon Alexa Voice Command which you can try with your Amazon Echo speaker and if you know more such voice command let us know in the comment section below.

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