Microsoft Edge Browser New Update Allows Users to Block Potentially Unwanted Applications.

Block Unwanted Application on edge.

Microsoft Edge browser is the latest Chromium-based browser launched by Microsoft this year. The new Edge browser has many features to protect its users from security issues, phishing, schemes, and malware software. The recent update of Edge Browser will remove annoying pop-ups to provide the best browsing experience to their users.  

The new update will block Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs) from downloading. If you don’t know, PUAs are known as potentially unwanted programs that cause irritating lag in while browsing and perform other unwanted activities such as tracking user behavior online or sending you a huge number of pop-up windows.  

In an official blog post, Microsoft described the new feature as a part of the Microsoft Edge 80.0.338.0 version and company was working on this since September 2019. 

However, the feature is not added in default settings so the user has to turn this feature on by manually. To do so-

1. Click on Settings and More (Alt + F) in the upper right corner, then click on Settings.

2. Choose Privacy and Services from the left-hand side.

3. Scroll down to the Services section and turn on Block potentially unwanted apps.

Edge Browser Settings

(Note: PUA blocking requires Microsoft Defender SmartScreen to be enabled)

Microsoft is trying best to provide a great browsing experience to their users and now we can consider the new Edge browser as a competitor for Google Chrome.

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