Flipkart is Planning to Tie-Up With Local Stores to Offer ‘Touch and Feel’ Experience to Customer.

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India’s most popular E-commerce store Flipkart is now planning to a partnership with local stores to provide “touch and feel” experience to their customers. They are planning to do so with some product in starting as e-commerce is over leading the Indian retail industry.

Walmart owned Flipkart has already established a delivery system using local Kirana stores and around 27,000 stores across 700 cities join this delivery system.

In this model, where Flipkart is planning to give “touch and feel” experience to the user, the buyer can visit authorized “buy zones” where one can walk into and check the product but if you want to buy that product you have to place an online order. This model is announced by the official on Thursday.

Flipkart chief corporate affairs officer Rajneesh Kumar said that this project was successfully tested in Hyderabad with mobiles where they partnered with local Kirana stores for a touch and feel the experience. But they must be placed online from a kiosk installed there.

At present, the company major plain is to introduce this model in other parts of the country. As Flipkart and Amazon are facing huge competition in India and India’s test against them for malpractices including deep discounting and tie-up with best sellers.

“Online market accounts for only 3 percent of the total retail market in the country,” Rajneesh Kumar said. E-commerce company earns a huge benefit from fashion tie-ups and the record says that there is a sharp reduction in the number of returns in the fashion category.

On Thursday, Flipkart has conducted a workshop for MSMEs in Kolkata, to help the enterprises leverage e-commerce to grow their business.

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