GameSnacks is Google’s new games for bad internet connections.

GameSnacks are Google New Games

Smartphone is becoming a more powerful gaming machine with time. You can now play heavy games with high resolution on a pocket-sized device. All new smartphones are coming with huge processing power and much bigger RAM but what if you own a device that doesn’t have enough space very less RAM to play heavy games. You don’t have to feel sad, Google thinks for everyone, as Google is planning to launch lightweight HTML5-based browser games that meant to play on any device. The game is GameSnacks, and it is the latest project running it Area 120 incubator.

Google announced that, GameSnacks games are lightweight and entirely HTML5-based. It will be very easy to load on any device and you can play even with a poor internet connection as 1Mbps and 1GB of RAM is more than sufficient to run the game.

The GameSnack games themselves are short, basic issues, including skiing the match-up, a Spy Hunter-Esque shoot them up, and a gem themed coordinating game that certainly isn't Bejeweled.

However, Google is still not clear about GameSnacks but the company announced a partnership with Gojek (a southeast Asian technology platform) and its GoGamesapp.

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