Get Warning From Google Chrome if Your Passwords are exposed.

We all put our trust in big companies and services to protect our personal information. But so often they employ weaker, cheaper defenses that are easily overcome and at which point our password and other data end up in the hands of crooks, and we all pay the price.  

You can also set your Chrome browser to delete browsing data automatically and you can perform the same with other browsers also. Just for your privacy.  

Scarily, this can happen without you even knowing. Companies should inform you if they’ve been hacked and urge you to change your password, but it’s easy to miss these emails. However, Chrome will now warn you whenever you enter a password that’s been stolen. These warnings were previously shown only in its Password Checkup tool, or by using a browser extension.

How To Enable Password Stolen Alert in Google Chrome.

To activate this option, open your Chrome browser and click Settings, Advanced Settings.

Google Chrome Password Alert

Inside Advanced Settings, click the first option that is ‘Sync and Google services’.

Next, scroll down to Other Google services and enable the new ‘Warn you if passwords are exposed in a data breach’ option to switch on.

Or you can also, enable ‘Safe browsing’ option which automatically turns on the other two options, ‘Warn you if passwords are exposed in a data’ and ‘Help Improve Chrome Security’.

You are done. Now it is the responsibility of Google Chrome to notify you whenever such fault arises.

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