Google Docs Smart Compose Features Available Broadly.

Google Docs Autocorrect and Smart Compose

Google Docs autocorrect and Smart Compose feature is now rolling out to all users and G Suite subscribers. The feature is going to be available for the users from the next weeks. Google states that both autocorrect and Smart Compose will have a continuous rollout from February 18 and it will take 15 days for the feature to be visible. 

The feature is going to enable by default but if you want you can disable it by going through Tools>Preferences settings. Autocorrect and Smart Compose help you to create documents without typing every single word. It gives word suggestions and corrections using AI and helps you to improve the quality of content.

Smart Compose
Smart Compose

Many of you are already familiar with Smart Compose as this feature is already available in Gmail. The feature suggests you the next typing word or sometimes even the complete sentence and for this, they use machine learning and AI technology. It helps you with grammar and misspells while typing and it adds a grey underline to denote that it did some changes there. These two features are now available for all users working in Google Docs on the web. 

G Suite customers will start using Smart Compose from the coming weeks. It will be available to G Suite Basic, G Suite Enterprise, and G Suite Business customers, according to Google’s blog post.

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