How To Change Download Folder Location in Edge Browser.

Microsoft new Edge browser is browser providing a better browsing experience to their users and the users' response is also positive for the new Chromium Edge browser. But there are few settings which we all have to do manually irrespective to the browser and one have to go through the settings is to change the default download folder location.

If you check, Edge browser uses your C-Drive download section to store your downloaded folders but it may happen sometimes that you want to store your download in some other location. Now, the question is how to do this?

Change Download Folder Location in Edge Browser.

To do so-
1. Open Edge Browser and select Settings and more (Alt +F), then click on Settings.

Change Download File Location in Edge. Step 1

2. Inside Settings, select Download from the left menu, in the Location section, click on Change.

 Change Download Folder in Edge. Step 2

3. Select the new location for your download files and click on Select Folder.

Change Download Folder Location Step 3

You can also enable another option “Ask where to save each file before downloading” and it will ask for selecting a file location every file when try to download from the Edge Browser.

Ask where to save each file before downloading in Edge.

Edge Browser provides these two methods by which you can change your download folder location and I found the second option better where the browser asks to set a file location each time you try to download something.  

So that’s it. Hope this post is helpful for you, if you find any problem while going through the steps, please let us know through the comment section below. 

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