How To Check the version of Bluetooth Adapter in Windows 10.

How To Check Bluetooth Version of Windows 10

Bluetooth is one of the most important features of our system which we use to connect our wireless headphones and wireless speakers. We all love using wireless devices but sometimes it creates a problem when the Bluetooth version of your Windows computer and the version of your Bluetooth device doesn’t match. 

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Now, most of the Bluetooth device comes with the support of Bluetooth 4.0 or later and if your Windows 10 PC is not supporting Bluetooth 4.0 (at least), you can’t able to connect.

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Although, everyone check the Bluetooth version before buying a system or devices but if you don’t know the Bluetooth version of your Windows 10 PC then don’t worry. Here in this post, I am going to explain to you how you can check the Bluetooth version of your Windows 10 PC.    

How To Check Bluetooth Version on Windows 10.

You can do this in Windows 10, but it takes a few clicks.

First, open the Settings app (type settings in the search bar), then click Devices.

Check Bluetooth Version of Windows 10

Next, click ‘Bluetooth & other devices’ on the left, then on the right click ‘More Bluetooth options’ (under the Related settings heading).

Checking Bluetooth Version in Widows10

Click the 'Hardware' tab (see image) in the box that opens, then select the Bluetooth adapter you want to check and click Properties at the bottom.

Bluetooth Version of Adapter of Windows10

This opens another box-click the Advanced tab at the top, then look at the LMP version number next to Firmware.

Check LMP version of Bluetooth Version on Windows10

List of LMP version (Bluetooth Version):

LMP 9.x -Bluetooth 5.0
LMP 8.x –Bluetooth 4.2
LMP 7.x –Bluetooth 4.1
LMP 6.x –Bluetooth 4.0
LMP 5.x –Bluetooth 3.0 +HS
LMP 4.x –Bluetooth 2.1 +EDS
LMP 3.x –Bluetooth 2.0 +EDS
LMP 2.x –Bluetooth 1.2
LMP 1.x –Bluetooth 1.1
LMP 0.x –Bluetooth 1.0b

If the number is LMP 5.x (where ‘x’ is another number) then you’re on Bluetooth 3.0. LMP 6.x is Bluetooth 4.0; LMP 7.x is Bluetooth 4.1; LMP 8.x is Bluetooth 4.2; LMP 9.x is Bluetooth 5.0; LMP 10.x is Bluetooth 5.1.

If your LMP number is below 5, then you’ll have Bluetooth 1.0 to 2.1. In case you’re wondering, ‘LMP’ stands for Link Manager Protocol, which is the technology Bluetooth uses to send and receive communications.

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