How To Manage Quick Access Items Better in Windows 10.

Quick Access’ option inside File Explorer of Windows 10 is one of my favorites, it helps me a lot in many different ways like I can quickly access my most recent using files and I don’t have to go through the entire folder to search. It allows me to add my favorite folder for Quick access. 

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In this post, I am going to explain to you how you can manage the Quick access option on your Windows PC to use this option in the best way to get quick access to files. 

When you open a File Explorer window (Windows key + E), the Quick Access section at the top of the left pane serves as a useful way to re-open the folder you’ve recently accessed.

If you found your Quick access list too big or contains folders you don’t want to see, you can clear then them all. To do so, right-click of ‘Quick access’ and click on 'Options'.

Clear Your Windows File Manager History

Next inside ‘General’, move to the Privacy section and click on the 'Clear' button to Clear File Explorer History.

Clear Your File Manager history

Before doing this, however, you might want to ‘pin’ shortcut you use regularly to the Quick Access menu-any pinned shortcuts won’t be removed when you click the Clear button.

To pin an item, right-click it, then select ‘Pin to Quick access’. To unpin a shortcut, right-click it, then select ‘Unpin from Quick access’.

Pin To Quick Access in Windows

If you’ve got a lot of Quick Access shortcuts, pinning and unpinning them individually can take time. Instead, click the ‘Quick access’ entry at the top of the list. All Quick Access shortcuts will now appear in the right pane of the File Explorer window. Hold Ctrl, select the ones of them and choose to either pin or unpin them from the Quick Access menu.

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