How To Use ‘Incognito mode’ in Google Maps.

Google Maps

Privacy matters, whether you’re browsing the web, sending an email or following driving directions.

Privacy browsing is now a feature of all mainstream browsers on both desktop and mobile devices but, until now, it’s been lacking from navigation tool like Google Maps. That means any search you perform will be recorded in your Google account, and anyone who picks up your phone can see where you’ve been. If you popped out to buy a birthday present or book a surprise anniversary meal, this could just be enough to give the game away.

The new version of Google Maps for phones adds a private ‘Incognito mode’.

Open your Google Map app on your phone. Tap your profile icon on the right-hand end of the search box, then tap ‘Turn on incognito mode’.

Maps will warn you about the data that won’t be stored as a result. Tap Close, then carry on using Maps, without your data being saved.

Google Maps Incognito mode

When you want to return to using Maps in the regular manner, and recording your searches to your Google Account, tap the incognito icon that has replaced your account icon at the end of the search box, followed by ‘Turn off incognito mode’.

If you are not getting this option then you might be using an older version of Google Maps. You can update it through your Google Play Store.   

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