Microsoft’s new Outlook ‘Spaces’ features video leaked.

Microsoft Outlook Spaces

Microsoft is planning to add a new feature for Outlook, named Spaces. The news about this new Outlook feature is not official from Microsoft, it was just revealed from a leaked Twitter video by WalkingCat on Sunday weekend. The basic feature that Outlook Spaces may introduce is that it is going to allow users to collate emails, notes, files, documents, calendar appointments, and to-do lists into online spaces. The Spaces feature will be useful for student or business who works with project planning.

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Microsoft Outlook Spaces is not officially launched by the company but a clip of a video showing its feature is somehow shared on twitter from a twitter account named “WalkingCat”. Spaces look like an early example of Microsoft’s Fluid Framework for Office. The fluid is a concept of converting a document into a cloud app and then multiple people can contribute to it with tables, text, and more. Although it is not official but Spaces is looking similar to Fluid.

Microsoft Outlook Space is a web app that is going to help you with your document, emails, notes, files and to-do lists in its online spaces. The company is also planning to introduce Al technology for better user experience by grouping work items together into Spaces. We will try to inform you about the Microsoft Outlooks Spaces in the future when the company will launch the feature officially. Till now you can check the Twitter Leaked video of Outlook Spaces.

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