Opera’s Web Browser R2020 Update Release, New Sidebar Panel Introduced.

Opera Web Browser R2020.

Opera web browser new version R2020 for Windows has been released with many new features. The new Opera browser is released with a new concept of Workspaces in which you can organize your tabs according to context and let you move around your open tabs using Ctrl + Tab. The new version R2020 have Sidebar panel where one can place items you want to access quickly. You can also customize your Workspaces according to your needs and set up.  

When we work with more tabs then it may happen sometime that we lose our track of them. Opera web browser R2020 has introduced Workspaces so now you can work with more tabs with losing the track. For example, You have multiple tabs open for comparing ticket prices to someplace, you can arrange all similar tabs into a Workspace and named it like “vacation”. Similarly, you can set up five Workspaces in Opera R2020. And you can use Ctrl + Space to search a particular tab using a keyword.    


Another interesting feature of the R2020 update is the Tab-cycler, the feature lets you switch between tabs using Ctrl + Tab. The feature is similar to Windows’ Alt + Tab for windows. The Sidebar lets you edit, add, remove, or hide your Workplaces and you can change other Opera settings like Tools, History, Bookmarks, and Extensions.

Opera new update increases user privacy and security by using the HTTPS protocol to encrypt the data between the DoH Opera browser and the DoH-based DNS resolver.”

You can download the latest version of the new Opera web browser from their official website for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

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