Twitter Was Down For the Users Globally.

Twiter Down

Twitter was down for many users globally on Monday. Most of this report about Twitter down was coming from India, some parts of Europe, Japan, as well as from United States. Users were facing problems in accessing their home page, and many other users were not able to see their Twitter timelines. However, there is no official report about this issue from Twitter and, reports keep on flooding in.

There have been many reports were coming about Twitter down from different countries. The issue faced on twitter website as well as on the Android app and reporting a similar issue on both the platform.  

The Twitter users were unable to tweet or load their timelines. Although the issue was minor and for a very short time, the social network experienced a major outage earlier this month.

One more news comes from Twitter that the Olympics and the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) media Twitter account had been hacked and temporarily locked on Saturday.  

Twitter is facing many issues this month related to loading and security.

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