Uber and Delhi Police Partner to Launch a Safety App, Himmat for Rider, Drivers.

Himmat App

Uber and Delhi Police India partnered together to launch the “Himmat” an app safety app for Riders and Drivers. This app is going to help Delhi Police to get a real-time location of Driver and Rider in case of some emergency.

This app help rider to get a secure ride ensuring that Delhi Police is always with them in case of some emergency. Although, Uber itself has their own security feature named RideCheck in which you can share your live location to your family, PIN verification before taking the ride all these features help riders to book a safe ride.   


"Our core mission is to ensure the safety of the public. This new integration with enhanced location services and travel information will help save lives. We welcome the use of technology that enables Delhi Police to react more quickly and efficiently during an emergency.

"With conscious efforts like QR Card distribution among driver-partners, we are happy that private partners like Uber are working with us directly in making Delhi safer for all our residents and visitors," Delhi's Commissioner of Police Amulya Patnaik said in a statement.

Uber and Delhi Police have distributed around 1,000 “Himmat” QR Verification Cards to the driver in Delhi so the details of the vehicle and driver get loaded in the app. The rider can scan the QR Card to get details from the Himmat app and in some case, the rider can report their journey directly to the Delhi Police through the app.

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