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MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe. (Free)

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  • Category: SYSTEM TOOL
  • Version: 3.0.0
  • Website: MiTec
  • Requirement: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7.

Publisher MiTec
Name: MiTec Task Manager DeLuxe
Requirements: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7
Version: 3.0.0
Cost: Free
Licence Free
Language English
Date Added 02 March 2020

MiTec Task Manager 32-bit
Mitec Task Manager 64-bit.

Key Features of MiTec Task Manager DeLuxe.

  • Task Manager DeLuxe is based on MiTec system information Component Suite.

  • It is light and provide more powerful features than the Windows default Task Manager.

  • It needs no installation and leaves no tracks in the system and you can use it as a portable application for your system.

  • It gives access to a powerful process monitor with graphs and detailed process information.

  • The system information tool detects installed hardware and reports it in a simple format.

Task Manager DeLuxe provide real-time observing of:

  • Running processes,
  • Installed services and drivers,
  • Available network adapters,
  • Network connections by the process,
  • Network traffic,
  • Disk and I/O utilization,
  • Active terminal sessions,
  • Autostart entries,
  • Cpu usage, frequency and other advanced stats,
  • Memory map and utilization,
  • System information
  • Opened/locked files finder
  • Machine journal
  • User account list
  • Monitor layout view
  • Windows available updates

MiTec Task Manager Screenshot 1
ScreenShot 1

Description of MiTec Task Manager DeLuxe 3.

Task Manager DeLuxe is similar to Windows’ built-in Task Manager, but provides much more detail and several extra tools. The main Processes tab lists the processes for all currently running programs, along with information such as the processor and memory usage for each. Right-clicking a process provides options, including terminate or restart (useful if the program has crashed and you can’t close it).

To find out whether a program is potentially dangerous, right-click it and select the Virus Total option to see a full report on the program from Virus Total website.
If you can’t find using the program you’re looking for in the Processes list, try using the Desktop Explorer tool instead.

Task Manager DuLuxe provides you a detailed breakdown of your computer’s hardware and an event log showing Windows’ recent startup and shutdown time.
Moreover, you can view detailed system and task information which can help you in diagnose buggy software.

At last, you can say that Task Manager DeLuxe is must-have software of your system. You don’t even have to think about installation, as it launches directly in one click, you just have to download the .exe file and extract the main application.

MiTec Task Manager DeLuxe Screenshot.
ScreenShot 2
MiTec Task Manager.
ScreenShot 3
System tool MiTech Task Manager
ScreenShot 4

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