How To Enable New Dark Mode in Google Chrome.

Chrome Dark Mode

The dark mode is considered as good for your eyes if you work in a low light environment. However, now every application is trying to add a dark mode feature to their theme settings option so you can choose accordingly which one is good for your working environment.

Now your favorite web browser Google Chrome is also available dark mode option for both PC and Smartphone. Dark mode settings for Google Chrome is quite simple for Android but to enable it on your Windows Chrome browser, you have to go through flags settings.

How To Enable Dark Mode in Chrome Windows PC.

To enable Dark mode in Chrome browser in PC, open Chrome browser on Window’s PC and type chrome://flags in the search bar and press Enter.

Flags Settings

Inside Chrome flags settings search of an option “Force Dark Mode for Web Contents” by using the flags search box.

Chrome Dark Mode

Enable “Force Dark Mode for Web Contents” and Relaunch the Chrome browser.

Now your Chrome web browser is ready to use in dark mode and you can also go through the same settings to disable it.

How To Enable Dark Mode in Chrome Android.

Enabling the Dark Mode of Chrome browser Android app is quite simple and easy than the desktop setting for dark mode.

Open your Google Chrome app on your Android smartphone and click on the three dots in the upper right corner to open Chrome "Settings".

Chrome Dark Mode

Inside Chrome Settings, select "Themes" and choose "Dark" from the three options given in the theme section. You are done!

Chrome Dark Mode

You can also select “System default” which will turn on a dark theme when your device’s Battery Saver is on”.

So these are the two methods by which you can enable the Dark Mode of Google Chrome browser on a computer and smartphone. If you find any difficulty while going through the settings, please let me know through the comment section given below. 

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