How To Disable Media AutoPlay in Microsoft Edge Browser.

Whenever you try to visit some media or news website, they welcome you with an auto-playing video or audio which you cannot skip at least up to a few seconds. Some times this auto-playing media can make you feel bad if you are working in some places.

However, most of the web browser has some settings to control auto-playing audio and video on sites. If you are a Chrome or Firefox user then you can check our post on how to block the auto-playing video in Chrome and Firefox.

Microsoft Edge Browser also has a similar feature by which you can control audio and video which start playing automatically on sites. Now the question is how to do this?

Turn Off Auto-Playing Media in Microsoft Edge Browser.

The entire process is divided into two steps, in step one you have Enable block option for autoplay settings and in the second step you have to turn off auto-playing media through settings. To do so-

#Step 01
1. Open your Edge Browser and type the given URL in the search bar and press Enter.
URL- edge://flags/#edge-autoplay-user-setting-block-option

2. Enable the first option “Show block option in autoplay settings" and Restart the Edge Browser.

turn off autoplay in edge browser

#Step 02
1. Open your Edge browser and select “Settings and more” from the top right corner. From there, click on “Settings”.

2. From the left panel, select “Site permissions”.

3. Inside Site permissions, scroll down to the bottom and select “Media autoplay”.

Edge Browser autoplay turn off

4. In Media autoplay section, you will get an option “control audio and video play automatically on sites”. Click on the drop-down menu on the right and select “Block”.

Disable Media Autoplay in edge browser.

By blocking this feature, the media that play sound will be blocked automatically and the changes will be applied to new tabs.

Note: If you are using the previous version of Edge browser, then you don’t have to perform the first step because the block option is already there.

Hope this post is helpful to you. If you find any problem while performing the steps, feel free to ask from the comment section below.

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