How To Remove Preinstalled Software With AdwCleaner.

When you get a new computer or clean your PC by returning it to its factory settings, you may find much additional software that you don’t even need. AdwCleaner software can help you in removing these potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) and can remove them. When downloading AdwCleaner, click the blue Free Download button. Click on the download button given below.

Remove preinstalled software with AdwCleaner.

#Step 1
Download AdwCleaner and run it as an administrator. Click Scan Now to get results in just a few minutes. You can also check that it ran properly by clicking the LogFile button to open a more details breakdown.

Remove Preinstalled Software

#Step 2
When Scanning gets completed, you can see the ‘Scan Results’ area. The first page lists ‘PUPs and Adware’. If you have any on your PC, tick all the checkboxes and click on ‘Quarantine’ and then click on continue. After the cleaning process complete you have to restart the computer.

Remove Preinstalled Software

Click on View Log File for the complete detail of the cleaning process to take place.

#Step 3
Click on Quarantine from the left panel to see the ‘Preinstalled software’ section. This lists software that may appear on a new PC but doesn’t come with Windows, so it is installed by manufacturers. Some of it may be useful, so check the list carefully for the software you think you might need. Tick any software you want to remove.

Remove Preinstalled Software With AdwCleaner.

#Step 4
Save your work in any other programs you have open, then click the Quarantine button and the Continue button in the window that pops up. The software creates a system restore point, removes the unwanted software and reboots your PC.

#Step 5
Your PC should be performing better than it was before. However, if you’ve accidentally removed something that you suspect you need, after all, click the Quarantine button. It’s likely to be a ‘Preinstalled software’ option, so click that tab to see what you’ve removed.

#Step 6
To reinstate something you’ve quarantined, tick its box and click the Restore button. If you’re happy that everything is working as it should (we’d advise giving it a bit of time before making this decision), you can permanently remove items by clicking the Delete button.

AdwCleaner Settings

AdwCleaner is the best software for removing preinstalled software and it doesn’t even require any high processing power or huge RAM. You can also choose your specific language from Settings > Application > Display Language. Below these settings, you can also click on ‘Remove’ to remove all traces of AdwCleaner from your computer. This will also delete Quarantine.  

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