How To Share Your PC’s Hard Drive over Your Network in Windows.

Share Hard Drive

You are working on your laptop in one of your room and while working you need a file which is on another PC in some other room of your home. Pausing the current activity and moving towards that room just to bring that particular file is time is taken and even quite frustrating for anyone.

To avoid those unnecessary jaunts between computers, you can use Windows built-in sharing tools to make the drive or SSD available across your entire home network.

Note: To perform this process of file transferring, the computers must be connected to the same home network.

Note: The PC with the drive you want to share needs to be switched on for another computer to access it.

Share PC’s Hard Drive over your Network.

The process has three simple steps to follow and you will be comfortable to it after one or two use, so let’s start.

#Step 1
Open the PC containing the drive you want to share, click Start type sharing, then press Enter.

windows advanced sharing settings

In the ‘Advanced sharing settings’ window that opens, make sure ‘Turn on file and printer sharing’ is enabled. 

Advanced sharing option in windows

To share the drive, you’ll need to disable password protection for shared files. Scroll down to All Network and expand this section if needed, then select the ‘Turn off password-protected sharing’ setting and click ‘Save changes’.

share hard drive

#Step 2
Now open File Explorer (Windows key + E) and select This PC. Right-click the drive you want to share and select ‘Give access to’ then ‘Advanced sharing’.

Share Hard drive

Click the Advanced Sharing button, then tick the ‘Share this folder’ box in the window that opens. Enter a suitable name under ‘share name’ (ex: Study Desktop), then Click OK.

Share PC HardDrive

#Step 3
On one of your other PCs, open File Explorer, click Network, then double-click the name of the PC with the shared drive and you should see its drive listed.

Hard Drive Sharing Option

Right-click it and select ‘Map network drive’, change the drive letter if you want, then Click Finish.

Share Your PC’s Hard Drive over Your Network in Windows.

This is a great way to quickly share a drive across the network but for this, you have to keep your system on all time. 

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