How To Install and Manage Google Chrome Extension.

Chrome Extension

Managing your Chrome extensions is not so big deal as there is a fairly straightforward menu for this in Chrome browser, but you can make it even quicker and easier by adding a button to the toolbar.

Install and Add Chrome Extension.

Before going through these settings let us learn how to install and add an extension to your Chrome browser. Open your Chrome browser and open the Chrome Web Store. Now search for the extension you want to add.

Chrome Web Store

Select the Extension and click ‘Add to Chrome’. Some of the extensions required certain permissions or data, check it before and click 'add extension'.

Note: You cannot add extensions when you are browsing in Incognito mode.     

Manage Google Chrome Extensions.

To manage all your Chrome browser by using the default menu or you can add a button to the toolbar which is a quicker and easier way to manage Chrome Extensions.

Open chrome://flags, enable 'Extensions Toolbar Menu' and relaunch Chrome.

Chrome Extension

The new toolbar icon looks like a jigsaw piece and opens a new menu when you click it. From here you can enable or disable extensions and go to the extensions manager.

The Extensions Toolbar Menu button lists every extension that’s enabled in your browser, and clicking the three dots beside each one opens a menu for that extension. One option lets you unpin the extension from the toolbar.

Manage Chrome Extension

This removes the toolbar icon but leaves the extension running, so it’s a good way to clean up the browser interface if it starts getting cluttered.

The new menu also running but hidden, and you can add their icon to the toolbar. It’s a good way to find out if you have any hidden extensions running in your browser.  

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