Facebook getting ‘Quiet Mode’ option to turn off push notifications.

Facebook Quiet Mode.

Facebook launch a “Quiet Mode” option for its app to turn off all push notifications. According to the company, the feature “Quiet Mode” will remind users that they set this time aside to limit your time in the app.

Facebook launch this feature at a time when most of the people are staying at the home for maintaining the social distance to curb the spread of novel coronavirus. The main aim of Facebook behind launching this app is to bring the right balance while using the app. The feature is now available only for iOS user but the iPhone user in India is yet to receive the update for this new feature. Most probably the Android user will get “Quiet Mode” in May.

However, Facebook has not clearly explained the “Quiet Mode” feature and what type of push notification they are going to turn off. According to the Verge media report, Quiet Mode can be manually activated/deactivated in addition to bringing scheduled. The few claims were made related to the “Quiet Mode” feature is that if the user will try to open the Facebook app while activating the mode, a message will appear reminding them about the mode. It is also claimed that users will not get to see the badges that frequently appear over the Facebook Watch icon inside the app.

Facebook explained that they bring this Quiet Mode feature during this Coronavirus pandemic as all are trying to adjust themselves with new daily routines due to the lockdown announced in most of the country.

The feature is going to help the users to spend more time with family and friend and they can focus on other different activities and can get a good sleep without any distraction. It is going to help the user to find the right balance with the time you spend on Facebook and other important activities.  

You can find the “Quiet Mode options by the name “Your Time on Facebook” under the settings & Privacy section. 

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