How To Hide Cookie Notification on a website.

Cookies Notification.

When you visit a new website, the first thing they ask you to “Accept Cookie” notification and to be honest how many of you actually read the information in a cookie warning, rather than just click Agree or Accept to make it go away.

Getting this Cookies pop-up on websites is fine if you are working on a big screen but these notifications become annoying on your phone where they take up the whole screen and at that time few questions may come to your mind that:

What are Cookie on a website?

Since 2011, all websites accessed in the EU are required to tell their visitors that they’re using cookies, explain what those cookies are being used for and get those visitors’ consent to place cookies on their devices.

The main purpose of a cookie on a website is to identify users and to save information about the users for later use. It helps the website to create a customized web page for every user. Cookies are also used to show you personalize ads based on your past behavior on the website.   

Hide Cookie Notification on a website.

Now, you all the why you receive Cookies notifications but the main purpose of you to visit post is how to get rid of these notifications.

On Computer: 
To hide Cookie Notification on your computer, you can use I Don’t Care About Cookies. This excellent extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Pale Moon, and the new Edge automatically hides cookies warnings on almost any site you visit in your desktop browser. Alternatively, you can add its filter list to your ad blocker, though this isn’t as effective as the browser add-on.  

Hide Cookies

On Phone:
If you want to hide Cookie Notification on your Android phone or tablet, you’ll need to use a mobile browser that supports extensions, such as Firefox, or use Opera, which lets you block cookie notices by going to Setting, ‘Ad blocking’ and choosing ‘Block cookie dialogs’. On an iPhone or iPad, your best option is to install AdGuard for Safari and select a cookie-blocking filter such as I Don’t Care About Cookies or Prebake.  

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