How To Skip Image CAPTCHAs when Sign In into a website.

Whenever you try to sign into a new website, it asks you to prove that you are not a robot by solving CAPTCHAs. However, there are different types of CAPTCHAs given by different websites like some are just one click work, some ask you to fill the letters in the box and some ask you to select all the squares containing traffic lights/cars/bridges/trees/street signs and so on.

Which CAPTCHA is the most difficult to solve and Why?

The image captchas are more difficult to solve and sometimes it irritates the most. To solve this image captchas you have to select square boxes containing traffic lights/cars/vehicle/bridges/trees/street signs and so on.

However, the small and indistinct photos they use can leave you baffled. Is that a vehicle in the distance or house? Does the corner of a signed count as being an image of one? Ultimately, CAPTCHAs are there to help Google (which sources the photos from Street View) improve its own Al but, for the rest of us, they’re a tiresome obstruction.

Why Image CAPTCHAs is used?

These picture-based CAPTCHAs (which stand for ‘Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart’) are an increasingly common security measure, now that artificial intelligence (AI) bots are able to defeat most text-based ones.

How To Bypass the Image CAPTCHAs?

There are a few methods by which you can try to solve different Image CAPTCHAs more easily.

1. By solving Audio CAPTCHAs.

One way to bypass these square-selecting challenges is to choose an audio CAPTCHA instead, by clicking the headphones button at the bottom of the CAPTCHA widget. Audio CAPTCHAs are fast and easy to solve. Press Play and type the words you hear-you can keep refreshing if you can’t decipher it-then click Verify. It hardly takes ten seconds to solve an Audio CAPTCHA.

2. By using a browser extension.

If you are still finding difficulty in solving Audio CAPTCHAs then you can install the browser extension Buster, click its button in the widget and it will switch to an audio CAPTCHA and solve it for you. Buster is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.


CAPTCHAs are for security purpose but no one like spending their time-solving Image CAPTCHAs. Thankfully, Google analyzes the problems users are facing with Image CAPTCHAs and come up with reCAPTCHA v3. In this version, the user doesn’t have to select images or type anything inbox, their actions and behavior on a website determine whether they are humans or robots. In this version, there is no human interaction with CAPTCHAs, not even a single click. 

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