Singapore Stops using Zoom App for teaching after “very serious incident”.


Singapore has banned the use of video conferencing Zoom App for teaching. The Singapore education ministry has taken this decision after a very serious incident happen while teaching on that online platform.

After the Coronavirus lockdown in almost all countries, the school and colleges started taking online classes using and Zoom application is used by most for taking online classes and meetings.

One of the serious incidents happens in Singapore while taking home base classes involved obscene images appearing on screens and strange men making lewd comments during the streaming of a geography lesson with teenage girls, according to local media reports.

“These are very serious incidents. Ministry of Education is investigating both breaches and will lodge a police report if warranted, “said Aaron Loh of the ministry’s educational technology division, without giving the proper details about the incidents.

“As a precautionary measure, our teachers will suspend their use of Zoom application until these security issues are ironed out”.

Aaron Loh said that they are going to advise the teachers about the security protocols such as requiring secure log-ins and it must ensure that log-ins should not reach beyond the students in the class.

And there are several such cases of a serious incident are coming from different countries while taking online classes during this lockdown period. Officials at Berkeley High School in California suspended the use of the app after a “naked adult male using racial slurs” intruded on what the school said was a password-protected meeting on Zoom.

Taiwan and Germany have also restricted the use of Zoom app a few days ago Google also banned the desktop version of Zoom for their employees.

At the same time Zoom is also working hard to improve the privacy security feature of the application. The company also tapped former Facebook security chief Alex Stamos as an adviser.  

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