Twitter Shuts Down the SMS Service in Most Countries Due to Security Concerns.

Twitter SMS Service

Twitter has turned off one of its essential features in most of the countries that allowed users to tweet via SMS service or can say ‘Twitter via a message service’. The company announced about turning off this feature on Monday by saying that they have taken off this feature due to some security concerns. They just want to keep the user's account safe, so they’ve turned off the ‘Twitter via SMS service, except for a few countries.
However, Twitter has not clarified the type of security issues and vulnerabilities related to ‘Twitter via SMS service’. And last year also Twitter disabled its service that allowed users to tweet through text messages. Many reports indicate that Twitter via SMS service has already impacted a large number of accounts.

The official Twitter handle also inform that users will continue to receive “important SMS messages” that are needed to manage any twitter account like, users will still receive account verification code and two-factor authentication numbers via SMS. Twitter also request their users to download the official app to receive notifications on their smartphone who were still using “Twitter via SMS”.

To review, Twitter in its initial days permitted users to get and send tweets through mobile instant messages. The smaller scale blogging site likewise permitted users to make accounts through SMS service, notwithstanding, these users didn't legitimately connect with the stages. This basically implies users with SMS-accounts essentially got or sent tweets by means of SMS. In any case, throughout the years, numerous users selected to utilize Twitter's administrations by means of versatile, work area applications, and the site. At the end of the day, individuals who are as yet utilizing Twitter administrations by means of SMS are significantly idle.

Although Twitter has taken the decision of turning off Twitter via SMS due to security purposes, but many companies who were still using this service claimed that the decision was taken without any prior warning to the users who rely on the old service. Last year, a similar decision was taken days after the company CEO Jack Dorsey’s account was hacked. Twitter is saying that all decisions have taken to “protect users accounts”. 

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