How To Connect Your Amazon Echo to a Bluetooth speaker or headphone.

As we all know, Amazon Echo is a smart speaker that you control with your voice and it is connected to the Alexa voice assistant who listens to your voice commands and performs services like, play music, ask a question, make a call, send and receive messages, provide information related to news, sports, weather and many more. You can also check my post on useful voice command for Amazon Echo

Now, if we talk about Amazon Echo sound quality, it isn’t bad but it is not that loud and you won’t be able to hear it from another room. I prefer listening to loud music Echo speaker is not enough for me so I use to connect my Bluetooth speakers with it for better sound quality.

If you also want to connect your Amazon Echo with nearby Bluetooth devices and headphones, which may have better quality speakers then you can follow the steps explained below.

Connect Bluetooth Device with Amazon Echo.

  • At first, put your Bluetooth device into pairing mode, then open the Alexa app.

  • Tap Settings, then find and tap Device Settings.
Connect Amazon Echo to Blutooth Device

All devices with Alexa built in-including Echos, Fire devices (tablets, TVs, and more), and your phone-appear in a list.
  • Select the Echo device you want to pair from the list.

  • Under Wireless, tap Bluetooth Devices.
Connect Amazon Echo with Bluetooth Device

  • On the next, screen, tap the ‘Pair a New Device’ button.

  • All compatible Bluetooth devices within range appear in a list.

  • Select the one you want to use and complete the pairing process.

Bluetooth Device list

Note: Make sure that the Bluetooth device that you want to connect is not already connected with another device.

Once that’s done, you’ll be able to select the device you require in the future directly from the app’s Bluetooth Settings screen. Or you can simply use a voice command, “connect my speaker” and Alexa will automatically pair with the last Bluetooth device connected to Echo. You can also use the web app at

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