Facebook Redesign Desktop Site and Bring Dark Mode is now available for users.

Facebook Dark Mode.

Facebook launched a newly redesigned desktop site on Friday, now available globally for all desktop users. The company was testing the new design for desktop since last year. The new version of the Facebook desktop site is faster and includes a dark mode feature.

In a blog post, Facebook says that the new desktop site is faster loading time, easy to use with a clear look and bigger text, and also includes a dark mode to give your eyes a break while working in low light. 

The new Facebook for desktop site icons looks similar to the Facebook app icons available for Android and iPhone. All icons and text sizes are much bigger to provide a clear view and easy to use. The home layout features a new skinnier News Feed and a larger menu bar that lets the user move to various parts of the application easily.      

If you want to enable the new dark mode for the desktop site, then follow these steps given below:

1. Open your facebook.com account and click on the down arrow at the end of the upper menu bar.

2. Select “Switch to new Facebook”.
You will get redirected to the newly redesigned Facebook site having bigger a totally new layout with bigger icons and text size.

Switch to new Facebook.

3. To select Dark Mode, click on the same down arrow button from the menu bar and turn on Dark Mode.

Turn on Facebook Dark Mode for Desktop site.

The redesign Facebook site offers navigation through tabs for Groups, Marketplace, Watch, and more atop the home screen. The new version load more quickly and it is easier to jump from one option to another option.

The new Facebook for web will help you in creating Events, Pages, Groups, and ads much faster and you can also see the preview the how things are going to look like on mobile before sharing them.  

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