Google Drive Adds Face ID and Touch ID Security feature for iOS, iPadOS Apps.

Google Drive Privacy Screen

Google Drive added a new Face ID and Touch ID security feature for its iOS and iPadOS apps. Now your Google Drive files are more secure with a new layer of protection as from now you will require Face ID or Touch ID to access your Google Drive Files. The feature is now only available for iPhone and iPad users and has been rolled out in the last few days. The feature was announced by Google a month ago.

Once you set your Face ID and Touch ID for the Google Drive app on your iOS device, the feature gets activated as soon as you switch between apps or lock your screen. However, if you want to ensure multitasking then you can use a delay feature by 10 seconds, 1 minute, or 10 minutes to make multitasking a little less annoying.

How To Enable Privacy Screen For Google Drive.

To use this feature, you have to check for the update for Google Drive on the App Store of your iPhone and iPad install the latest update. After the installation of the update, open Drive app and go to Settings>Privacy screen and turn on the feature. You can also use the delay time option according to your requirement.

Google Drive

However, the privacy screen feature is not complete proof. While enabling this feature, you can see the Google warning that it may not protect your Drive Notifications, certain Siri functionality, files shared with files app, photos shared with the Photos app, and other system functionality. 

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