Google Duo is Adding Group Call Support on the Web with Link Invitation and “Family Mode”.

Google Duo Family Mode Group Call

Group video calling platforms are getting more and more users every day due to COVID-19 when all country peoples are staying in their homes to control the spread of the virus. While observing the situation, Google has announced some new handful of features for Google Duo to support the need of people.

The upcoming Google Duo features include group call support for Google Duo web with link invitation and a “Family Mode”. The participants can join the group call through the invitation link even without having an account. Google also has Google Meet for online business meetings and video conferencing and now it is free for all to use.  

At the end of March, Google Duo had increased the group call participants' limit from 8 to 12 and now Google is planning to increase the limit up to 32 users at a time from the coming weeks.

Google Duo group call.

It will be irrelevant to have a screen filled with 32 callers face, so Google launched a completely new layout that lets you engaged with more people at the same time. From a post of 9to5Google, the Duo group call layout has a six-person square grid and a carousel of faces underneath that you can scroll through.     

The company is working on group call support for Duo web and starts with a preview on Chrome. While having a group call on the web you don’t have to select every contact name you want to have a call with, instead of that you’ll able to create an invite link and anyone can join through that link.
Google Duo Family Mode.

Google is going to add “Family mode” to make video calling more fun to kids. The family mode feature will include doodling and masks effect and everyone can see them in the feed.

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