Google is rolling out tabs grouping feature to Chrome now available in Chrome Beta.

Chrome tabs group feature

If you are one of those people who use Chrome browser with more tabs open at a time then there is good news for you. Google is rolling out a feature that will allow you to organize your tabs by grouping tabs together. With this new Chrome tabs organizing, you can group your tabs together and label them with a custom name and color. You can also move grouped tabs to reorder them on the tab strip.

Tabs Group in Chrome

The feature is rolling out from the next week but it is now available in Chrome Beta for one who is excited to test this feature now. I already tested the feature in Chrome Beta and for me, it is going to be one of the most exciting features. I usually work with many tabs open together and this feature is going to help me a lot by grouping tabs with a custom name so I don’t have to search the related tabs all around tab strip. 

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Tabs Group Feature in Chrome

A pro tip Google suggested in their blog post related to the tabs grouping feature is that you can use emoji as a group name. Tab groups are customizable so you can decide how to use them. And just like regular tabs, your groups are saved when you close and reopen Chrome.

Google Chrometab groups” feature will be available for Chrome on desktop across Chrome OS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Previously, the “group tabs” in Chrome was possible by using a third-party extension. 

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