Google Lens Now Allow User to copy and paste handwritten text to the Computer.

Google Lens

Google has added a new feature to Google Lens which is going to allow you to copy and paste handwritten texts from your smartphone to your computer screen. However, it only works if your handwritten notes are neat enough to understand by the Google Lens algorithm.

To use this feature, you must have the latest version of Google Chrome or you can also use the standalone Google Lens default app on Android. If you are on an iPhone then you can access this feature through the Google app, you will find a Google Lens button next to the search bar. You also have to log in with same Google account on both of the devices to copy and paste the text.  

How To Use Copy and Paste Feature of Google Lens.

To use this feature, update your Google app or Google Lens from the app store. Now point your camera at the handwritten note and highlight the part of note you want to copy.

Open any document in Google Docs where you want to paste the copied text, click on Edit, and then Paste. But remember that this feature only works properly if your handwritten note is neat enough.  

Google Lens

This feature needs a good handwritten note but still, it is a cool feature to work with. I am going to use this feature to convert my handwritten college note to a document file. Share your experience with this feature in the comment section below.

Google is also launching a pronunciation tool with Google Lens. You have to point your Google Lens camera on that word and click on ‘Listen’ to hear the actual pronunciation of the word. This feature is already available in Android and Google is planning to add this feature to iOS soon.  

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