Google rolls out new Gmail Search Filters making it easier to search your emails.

Gmail Search Filter

Gmail rolls out new updates adding a search filter for allowing users to narrow down the search results and help them to find a specific email more quickly. The new search filter for Gmail which Google calls “search chips” will appear just below the search box when you search for a particular keyword.

The new “search chips” feature for Gmail has many filter options to choose from, like ‘has attachment’, ‘To me’, ‘Advanced search’, and many more. 

Here are the Gmail search chips filter options and their uses:

Any time: This filter option help you deciding how older the email in which you are searching now. There are options to choose from like older than a week, older than a month, older than 6 months or older than one year.

Has attachment: This filter option helps you to separate those email which has some attachment files like spreadsheet or PDF in it. Earlier this feature was present accessible through Advanced search options in Gmail.   

Is Unread: This feature as the name suggests marks those emails which you haven’t read yet.
Gmail search chips
Gmail Search Chips

The filters options can be used in combination to narrow down the searches like if you know how older the email is and having some attachment file in it then you can use ‘Any time’ and ‘Has attachment’ filter option to get the search result more quickly.

As Google acknowledges that, “we’ve heard from our users that searching in Gmail could be faster and more intuitive”. When the company first announced about this “search chips” feature, there was no clarity about it would roll out for non-G Suite customers, but now the feature is live and available for all.

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