Google AR tool SODAR help you in maintaining proper social distancing.

Google Sodar.

Due to this Corona Virus pandemic, lockdown is imposed all around the world. People are allowed to go out of their home only to buy essential items for living and it is necessary to wear mask and maintain proper social distancing while out.

For maintaining social distancing, the distance between two people must be around two-meter or more. However, we cannot carry measuring tape for this. Here Google comes with a new AR tool named SODAR, which can help you in measuring two-meter distance using your Chrome browser on your Android Device.

How To Use Google AR Tool SODAR to maintain social distancing.

SODAR uses WebXR to help visualize 2meter social distancing guidelines in your environment. You can use this tool from any Android device using the Chrome browser.

Open Chrome browser on your Android device and search for and click on the green color ‘LAUNCH’ button.

Your phone will use augmented reality to map the space around you, superimposing a two-meter radius circle on the view from your camera.

sodar social distancing.

There is no specific requirement to use this tool. However, it is not available on iOS devices or older versions of Android devices.  

I tested this tool from my Redmi Note 8 and it works fine and shows almost accurate measurement. To be honest, it is really an interesting tool to measure social distancing but is it really helpful? For a person who is worried enough is also aware of the space between themselves and others.

However, it is an interesting tool and more useful for those where people are following strict government rules of maintaining a proper social distancing. We should make more and more people aware of social distancing as it is very important for the present situation. 

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