How To Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web before the official release.

Dark Mode for WhatsApp Web

The official Dark Theme for WhatsApp Web is not available yet. The feature is still under development and WhatsApp is taking a long time to release the dark mode for the web to ensure bug-free user experience.

As the dark theme is not available, when you open WhatsApp Web on your PC browser, you won’t get any direct feature to enable it. But if you want to know the trick to enable the dark theme on WhatsApp Web before its official release then you can follow our steps explained below. 

The trick was originally discovered by the smart Thales, a member of the WABetaInfo Discord Server Community: it’s really easy to apply, even if you have not good computer skills.

Following steps to enable dark theme on WhatsApp Web:

Open any browser on your PC and open the WhatsApp Web official page. (

WhatsApp Web

Login your WhastApp account your the QR code with the smartphone having that same account.

After successfully login your WhatsApp Web, right-click the mouse outside the chat and click on “Inspect”.

WhatsApp Web Dark Mode

Note: I am using my Chrome browser to apply this trick but you can use any browser for this.

The browser will show the console and code of the page. Search for <body class="web”> inside the code section(use Ctrl + F for searching the code) and replace “web” with “web dark”.

WhatsApp Web Dark Mode

Important:web” is used for the default original theme which we are using and “web dark” is for the dark theme which is soon going to roll out by WhatsApp.

After editing the piece of the code press ENTER to save. You are done!

Now you can enjoy your WhatsApp Web dark mode but note that if you refresh the page open again from a different browser, you need to repeat the process again.  

If don’t want to go through these steps then you have to wait for WhatsApp for rolling out dark mode for the web. Until then try this cool trick and share this among your friends and family.   

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