Spotify Kids now allow parents to access listening history and block content.

Spotify kids parental controls

Spotify is adding parental controls feature to its Spotify kids app through which parents can access the listening history of their kids. The company released a Spotify kids app in October last year and now they are adding parental control features to it. The feature is now rolling out in Japan and Germany and from today and making it available for 14 different markets. However, the Spotify Kids app is not available in India. 

The feature allows a parent to access three months' history and they can also block those content which they don’t want their kid to listen. The blocked contents, like audiobooks, songs, and other items are unique to every user, so if you block some content for your one kid it will still available for the other.  

How To Access Parent Control Feature on Spotify Kids.

To access this feature, parents need to go to the “Grown Ups” section and select which child’s account history they want to know. They can see the entire track history of three months their child listens to the app. Parents can block the tacks which they don’t want their kids to hear by clicking on the block button next to each content. If there is more than one kid's account then parents have to block content to every account individually. They can also unblock those contents later through listening history or blocked tracks section by tapping the red icon next to each blocked track. 

The Spotify Kids app now includes 8,000 songs, stories, audiobooks, and sounds that are organized into more than 125 playlists. The count was 6,000 at the time of the launch of the app. The company says that they are going to bring more new features with more new content soon. 

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