How To Stop Text Suggestions Pop-up in Windows Word and Outlook.

Text Suggestions in Windows Word

Windows text suggestion and the auto-correction feature are very helpful while working on MS Word. It helps you to type faster by suggesting words and correcting small typing mistakes.

However, sometimes Windows pop-up with some word suggestions which you don’t want and getting such pop-up suggestions, again and again, may frustrate you. Annoyingly, there’s no way to specify where the suggestion pop-ups appear, but you can disable them through Windows Settings.

Disable Text Suggestions in Windows 10.

To disable text suggestion in Windows 10, click on Start and open Windows Settings.

Windows Settings

Choose Device and click on “Typing” from the left pane.

Windows Device Settings

Now, in the right-hand pane, scroll down to the ‘Hardware keyboard’ section and click to flip the ‘Show text suggestions as I type’ switch to its OFF position.

Turn Off text suggestions in Windows

You can also enable or disable ‘Autocorrect misspelled word I type’ options from the same section which helps you a lot by auto-correcting your small mistakes while typing in MS Word or anywhere else.

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