How To Choose Which icons appear on your Start Menu of Windows 10.

Start Menu of Windows 10.

The Windows 10 Start menu is often criticized for being too cumbersome and confusing, but there are plenty of ways to customize it, including choosing which shortcut icons appear up the left side above the Power button.

To do this, go to Settings(Windows key + I), Personalisation, then Start.

Choose which folders appear on Start.

Now click the ‘Choose which folders appear on Start’ link at the bottom of the list on the right, then choose which folders you want to turn them to On or Off. Set the relevant options On or Off depending on what you want to see on Start. 

Choose Which Folders Appear on Start.

As long as you have the latest 1909 version of Windows, descriptive labels will appear when you hover over any of these icons in the Start menu.

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