How To Clear Your Gmail Inbox.

Google Storage Limit.

It is true that Google imposes a storage limit of 15GB across its services a storage limit of 15GB across its services which includes everything in your Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, and or any other Google services you use.

Google last increased this limit in 2013, and it seems to be in no hurry to do so again.

If you don’t want to pay for extra space then it clearing your old Gmail messages is one better option to create some extra space.

Clear old Gmail Messages.  

There are numerous ways to do this, but a quick method is to use filters to delete messages older than, say, five years. Click in the search box near the top of the Gmail inbox, then type before:2019/01/23 and press Enter.

clear gmail.

This will display all the messages you received before this date.

To delete them, first click the master tick box at the top left, just below the search box. Next, click ‘Select all messages that match this search’, then click the Delete button. 

Delete old Gmail messages.

Clear Gmails with large attachments.

You can use a similar technique to identify messages with large attachments. If you have lots of these, deleting them can free up a large amount of storage space quickly. You can also use new Gmail search filters making it easier to delete specific files.

Click in the search bar, type size:10MB, for example, then press Enter. The resulting list will include messages that are at least 10MB in size, which will probably include those with large attachments.

Delete Attachment Gmails messages.

You can delete selectively by ticking the box next to individual messages or use the technique described above to select them all before clicking the Delete button. 

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