Turn any Folder into a Drive using Windows Command Prompt.

Virtual Drive

Windows only recognize partitions or physical drives as separate drives. However, using the ‘subst’ command you can turn any folder into a virtual drive that shows up with its own drive letter in File Explorer.

This is useful if, for example, you have a folder with specific types of files, such as pictures, or videos that you want to treat as a separate drive, for example. It also helps you to manage your files better in Windows PC.

To do this, type subst, followed by the drive letter you want to use, then the path of the folder. So typing subst G: C:\Users\Username\Videos (replace Username with your Windows account name) will create a virtual drive dedicated to hosting the contents of your Videos folder.  

Virtual Drive

If you want to remove the virtual drive, simply type subst, followed by the drive letter, then the /d switch-so, in my example above, typing subst G: /d will remove the virtual drive, but the contents will remain intact in its original location (C:\Users\Username\Pictures in this case).

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