How To Add a Drive Shortcut to the Taskbar in Window 10.

Drive Shortcut

Do you have a hard drive that you need to get to frequently? You can pin your favorite drive to the taskbar for quick access. It is a very easy and quick way to access a drive but most of us ignore this.

Create a Drive Shortcut in Windows

Go into File Explorer and find the drive you want, then right-click it and select ‘Create shortcut’.

Drive Shortcut

A text box appears with a message stating that you can’t create a shortcut here, and offers to place one on the desktop instead. Select Yes.

Drive shortcut

Now go back to your desktop and right-click the newly created shortcut. Select Properties, navigate to the Shortcut tab, and type the word explorer in the Target box, in front of the drive letter (see image). Make sure you leave a space between the two. 

Shortcut properties
You are now ready to pin the drive shortcut to your taskbar but the shortcut drive icon and File Explorer icon look the same so you may get confused later. Better you change the drive shortcut icon.

Change the Drive shortcut icon in Window.

To change the drive shortcut icon Right-click on the shortcut again and select Properties and then click on ‘Change icon’. You can choose any icon shown here or you can browse your own icon.

shortcut icon

To set a drive icon, click on Browse and go to Local Disk (C:) and then click on Windows. Inside Windows directory, search the term ‘imageres.dll


Double click the file and you will get different icons to choose from. Select the drive icon from the list and save it.

Select shorcut icon

At last, right-click on the created shortcut of the specific drive and select ‘pin to taskbar’. You are done! 

pin to taskbar

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