Type Diacritics and Symbols Using Keyboard and Character Map in Windows.

Diacritics are accents and flourishes, é and Ù for example help guide pronunciation, while symbols are commonly used pictograms such as © and TM that often are not spoken but have specific uses in written text.

In many cases, they are available directly by combining Alt Gr (to the right of the space bar) with a shortcut key. So, Alt Gr+C gives you ©, Alt Gr+T produces TM and Alt Gr+R result in ®. Your keyboard may also be marked with accented characters, which are accessed in the same way.

Note: You can use Ctrl + Alt instead of Alt Gr. It works for all special characters on your keyboard.

On our keyboard, combining the vowel keys with Alt Gr lets us type á, é, í, ó, and Ú, while using it with the 4 key gives us the  symbol.

Character map Windows.

If the character you need isnt available directly, press Start, type map, and click "Character Map". This shows all the characters available in each of your installed fonts. You just have to click the one you want, followed by Select and Copy. Now switch to the program in which you want to use the copied character and press Ctrl+V to insert it.

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