How To Delete Your Google Account Permanently.

Delete Your Google Account

Quitting Google forever is a big step and not for the faint-hearted. Once you’ve deleted your account, there’s no back going back (although you can of course create a new account and start afresh). This is definitely not something you should jump into lightly - there’s no reason why you can’t keep your existing Google account but just not use it.

You can also use Google services such as Search and YouTube without logging in, although certain features are restricted if you don’t allow ‘personalization’. 

Delete Your Google Account.

If you’re absolutely sure you’re ready to ditch Google and have backed up all your data and chosen your alternatives, then deleting your account is actually very easy.

Simply go to your account page ( and click ‘Data & personalization’ in the left-hand panel, then scroll down to ‘Download, delete or make a plane for your data’ and click ‘Delete a service or your account’.

Delete Google Account

Finally, click ‘Delete your account’ and say goodbye to Google. Google may ask to re-write your password for confirmation.  

Delete Your Google Account

Recover Your Google Account. 

If you change your mind within two days of deletion, there is a chance you can get back your Google account by going to the ‘Account recovery’ page.

Recover Google Account

Enter the email address or phone number associated with the account that was deleted, then click ‘Attempt to restore this account’. 

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